Snacks are… in my opinion… very, very important. So obviously it is important to have the right snacks on the course. I usually opt for a granola/protein bar because of the simplicity of it all. They fit right into my purse then right into my bag. I have done quite a bit of “research” on my favorite snacks (or bars in this instance) and these are a couple of my favorites.

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who do not know, I am gluten-free & newly vegan so I am trying to transition what I consume to those guidelines. I will always try to have options for everyone but I cannot guarantee that.


snacks on the course GOMACRO is new bar that I have stumbled upon but I really like. Most of the bars are vegan, non-GMO, soy-free & sometimes even gluten-free. With all the food allergies lately, this is the perfect bar for everyone! The bars are also contain organic ingredients so you don’t feel as bad eating them. There are also so many different flavors so you can have fun with it!

These bars are on the pricier end at almost $3 a bar but they are basically a meal in a bar. So when you are on the course and miss lunch, this is the perfect bar! You can find them here: gomacro


snacks on the course

I am obsessed with these protein bars. Like honestly. I went on a business trip and wanted to bring along a couple protein bars in case I got stuck somewhere. I found them at Whole Foods and was in love after first bite.

These protein bars are about $2 a piece so they are about in the middle of the spectrum in price. My favorites are brownie crunch, cookies & cream & chocolate fudge. You can find them here: thinkThin

KIND healthy grains

snacks on the course

KIND bars are probably the most mainstream of the granola bars I have here. There are so many options so you can really have fun with the type of bar you choose.

One of my favorites are these Oats & Honey bars. They are chewy with a bit of crunch & they are delicious. Kind bars are gluten-free, non-GMO & contain ingredients you can pronounce (which is awesome!).

Plus, you can find these in basically any grocery store! Target seems to have the best pricing. Unfortunately you can’t buy these in individual bars, you have to buy a case but the pricing is easy on the wallet. They usually come out to lease than $1 a bar! You can find them here: KIND


I hope that you like some of these snacks and that you take a couple different types to your round on the course. The great thing about granola/protein bars are that they are so easy to travel with so stick a couple in your bag and get out to the course!

Have a great day!

xo, Kerri


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