With the PGA Show right around the corner, I wanted to give you a preview of what to expect if you are going or show you what you are missing if you aren’t going to be able to make it. I have been to the PGA Show for the past 3 years and it has been a great experience every year. I learn so much about what is happening in the golf industry for the few days the show is happening in Orlando.

So to break it down for you, the first day is Demo Day and then the next 3 days are in the convention center. Basically… at demo day you can expect to see a bunch of clubs and training aids. At the convention center for the next 3 days, you will see literally EVERYTHING. From clothes, to training aids to golf carts to golf equipment… you will see it all. Here are some of the companies & brands I am looking forward to seeing…


Clubs & Equipment

TaylorMade (see below for more)

Calloway (see below for more)




Apparel /Apparel Accessories

Hedge // I love everything about this company. The style. The class. The simplicity. I love it all! I am so looking forward to seeing the new line they are launching and can’t wait to get a couple pieces to add to my wardrobe. Check it out here: Hedge

Under Armour // Last year they launched a lot of great new clothes & shoes and I am looking forward to seeing new stuff!

Adidas Golf // One of the big dogs in the golf industry, I want to check out all the new clothes & shoes they are releasing.

Nike Golf // Another big dog & a personal favorite, I can’t wait to see the new skorts & shorts they are gonna have available!

Kaeli Smith // This clothing brand recently popped up into my radar and I fell in love with the styles & dresses. I can’t wait to find out more about this brand. Check it out here: Kaeli Smith

Sydney Elizabeth Designs // I found this brand on Instagram and fell in love with their designs! I was so excited to find out that they were gonna be at the show & can’t wait to see the new line. And I mean come on, there is a bow in the logo… it is like a match made in golf heaven. Check it out here: Sydney Elizabeth Designs

Swing Control // This is another clothing brand that I found on instagram and I fell in love with. I mean who wouldn’t want golf clothes that are stylish, slimming and comfortable! Check it out here: Swing Control

Golf Equipment

TaylorMade // I have recently started changing my clubs over to TaylorMade and have not looked back. Can’t wait to try out some more irons! Play, the installations at the PGA Show are always amazing at this booth. Check out Taylormade here: Taylormade

Calloway // I have heard some great things about Calloway and can’t wait to see what they have to offer. Sergio Garcia is now using their stuff and he just came away with another win. Maybe it is worth a try! Check it out here: Calloway

Scotty Cameron // I switched to a Scotty Cameron putter and it was the best decision I have ever made with my golf game. I can’t wait to see what else they are going to release! Check out more here: Scotty Cameron

Equipment Accessories

Stitch Golf // This is a local brand that I have come across and been a fan of for years. They are based in Cary, NC (just 15 minutes away from where I live) and I LOVE their head covers. They are so easy to work with and everyone in their company is so nice! Can’t wait to see what they have to offer this year! Check our Stitch Golf here: Stitch Golf


After the show comes to a close, I will post a bunch of pictures and reviews for the products & brands I saw. So you will want to check out the blog sometime next week for new posts!  But until then, check out my Instagram account & follow along the stories for a behind the scenes at the PGA Show!

xo, Kerri @ Glam on the Green


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