Well wasn’t that incredible. The PGA Championship just commenced and it was a fun tournament to watch. The ups & downs, the complexity of the course, the amazing shots the players hit. But first I would like to say Congrats to Justin Thomas on the amazing win & the great playing. Not only did he out-play everyone, he handled the win with grace.

Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Now lets talk about everything that happened!

The Course – Quail Hollow Club

Now since I am from North Carolina, I have been to Quail Hollow a couple times. The Wells Fargo is held there every year and being a host to a major is an honor. The course did not disappoint. It was in incredible shape the whole week and it surely did test all the players with its difficulty. The “Green Mile” didn’t disappoint as well. #17 is my favorite hole on the course and when I was there I sat on this tee and watched everyone tee off. It was awesome.

Here are some pictures:




The PGA Tournament Committee did a great job making sure everything was prepared for the spectators as well. There was seating everywhere and the food & drinks we accessible from all over the course.

Oh and of course the flowers! My favorite part (other than the course of course hehe).They were everywhere and they looked amazing.

What They Wore

The attire this week didn’t disappoint. Most of the players jumped straight into southern style with the bright, fun colors. I will have to say that there was a lot of blues (which I am not mad about one bit). Here are some of my favorites…

Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images


Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Blue-White, Blue-Grey & Blue-Pink are some of my favorite combos and these guys did not disappoint. Another piece of fashion that was in full force last week were flashy shoes. Rory wore some bright blue golf shoes & Justin Thomas sported some fancy wing-tip FootJoys. When you are simple with the clothes, you can go a bit crazy on the feet.

Thanks for reading everyone!



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